A Light-Hearted Debate

Annmarie and Jim met one another during a casual get together amongst mutual friends. Collectively observing a Chris Rock stand-up comedy special, they waxed eloquently about the comedian's act as it related to the shticks of his contemporary, Dave Chappelle. Annmarie sided with Rock; Jim with Chappelle...stubbornly, but mutually, they agreed to disagree.

Undeniable Chemistry

Apparently, opposites attract. Later that week, Jim invited Annmarie to a gathering and their admiration for one another could not be denied. They left the party early and spent the remainder of the night chatting at a 24-hour coffee shop. Shortly after, the two began seeing one another regularity and became inseparable. They shared their views on politics, art, fashion, science, religion and philosophy.

Living Together

Sensing their devotion to one another could last eternally, Annmarie and Jim rented a small apartment together and supported each other while exploring their individual career aspirations. They worked together to build a comfortable home and, in the process, discovered a mutual interest in the craft of furniture design.

A New Addition

Prior to meeting Jim, Annmarie had always had a dog in her home. She pleaded with Jim to find a new dwelling where they could raise a dog. After much deliberation, Jim acquiesced. The two moved to a new apartment and researched dog breeds. They found the Pug breed to be most suitable for each of their personalities. After an arduous search, they found a fiesty, 6-week old black pug whom they adopted and named Charlie.


Some time passed and Annmarie pursued a career in nursing before determining that her passions truly lied in women's beauty. Jim began a career in sales and customer service before moving on to more intrinsic interests -- music and technology.

Throughout this period, Annmarie and Jim's appearances changed, but their esteem for each other did not.


Christmas Season, 2016 - Jim emptied the grounds from a tea bag and inserted a diamond engagement ring. He placed the bag in a steam basket within a cast iron tea pot he had purchased for Annmarie as a Christmas gift. He wrapped the gift and placed it under the tree with the others.

The Proposal

On Christmas morning, Annmarie unwrapped the gift, thanked Jim for the pot and placed it back under the tree not realizing what lie inside. Jim asked her to take another look and she was astonished to find the ring within the tea bag. She exclaimed, "Shut Up!" and cried tears of joy. Jim took the ring. In traditional fashion, he bent down on one knee and asked Annmarie if they would spend their remaining days together.

Bride & Groom's Gallery

Special moments between the Bride and Groom captured in time